Poor Bob…

Poor Bob Costas :(
Pink Eye is not fun. My children all gave me it 3 times! Plus it gets even more terrible when you fly. I can’t believe NBC is still making him work. It will take 10 days probably for it to start appearing normal.

I feel ya Bob!

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Ok I’ve said I would return, I said I would be bigger and better, I said so much…
How about I try to give you what I can. And be honest with you and myself.
Easy right. No hard feelings?
Now let me get to work!

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Met the New Google Maps!

I’ve using the beta version new Google Maps since it was announced. I gotta say its pretty nice. The San Francisco Bay Area is almost perfectly covered. It integrates everything into one with Street View, Pictures, and improved Vector 2D maps and 3D Earth maps.

But I have to warn you, the new maps is excellent in Chrome, but not in other browser. I tested it also in Firefox and its very buggy, freezes often and crashes occasionally.

But I use Chrome anyway so I’m enjoying the new maps!
If you’d like to preview it, go to http://www.google.com/maps/preview

And Enjoy!
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The news is Adobe is moving to Creative Cloud only. Want a new version of Photoshop, well cough up $20-$50/month by annual contract now!
This is awesome for businesses. But sucks for freelancers.

This is obviously a sneaky way to bring in new customers and stop pirating of their software. This trend is kinda annoying. I was all for it when SimCity came out but SimCity is game not a Designer’s bread and butter. Guess what, now when you travel, better hope you have internet.

On top of that Adobe puts out their new stylus pen, Project Mighty. An incredibly laggy and lame approach to drawing on a tablet. It’s a kid’s toy, what designer would take that seriously?

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Poor Myspace.

I want to love you again Myspace. But I don’t think you’ll be able to recover this time. You’re no different than the windows phone at this point. Why drag out this miserable death. Justin you should’ve changed the name from Myspace to something else, so no one would relate it to the disaster that it is. Those impressive stats (picture above) mean nothing now. 

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