Miss old-school MTV??? VEVO TV is here!


Vevo TV is here! Click Here: VevoTV

Why is it something to look into? Its a 24/7 all online music entertainment. Music videos, interviews and original shows. Its available for free online, android, iphone, ipad, and Xbox 360.

From my short time watching, I’ve come to find out its uncensored. I know this because the current music video playing, the guy is singing about bitches and blunts. So parents you might want to know about this service and before you start to censor the service and monitor your kids.

I’m pretty excited to relive my old MTV days!

Visit Vevo TV and tell us what you think!

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700 Digital Marvel #1s for Free

Comixology is giving away for Free 700 Digital Downloads including Marvel’s #1s. I counted only 688 of actual Marvel Titles. 

Ok… finding 700 Free Comics is rare. And not always so easy. The site is incredibly slow when I visited it and got a few errors. But it will be worth the trouble when you have that much eye candy and reading material.

This offer ends Tuesday! Act Fast!

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Chromebook Pixel available now!

Google has started selling their new Chromebook Pixel at $1299. Yikes that’s a lot for a Chromebook. What justifies the high cost? Well premium parts, Gorilla Glass multi-touchscreen, Intel i5 chip, 32GB or 64GB solid state drive, Backlit keyboard and the fact they could sell on it “sale” for $999 in a few months?
So far on paper it really doesn’t seem to cutting edge for that $1300 price tag. Maybe you just need to experience it if you are lucky enough to have already received your Chromebook or try testing it out at your local best buy that has it available in-store. Click here to view the description on the Pixel and which best buy stores have it available.

For me, a computer that can only operate Google Chrome OS is only worth $199. Luckily the Acer C7 Chromebook is just the right price with the perfect specs. Give it time folks, it will get better. Plus with the announcement of Google retail stores coming soon, their products department will surely increase in size, demand and quality.

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The New SimCity Coming March 5th 2013!


It’s been a long time since I’ve played SimCity. A very long time! SimCity is now in its 6th release. I got my hands on the closed beta 2nd round and boy is it fun. My short time with SimCity showcased some amazing visuals and gameplay. I just know I’m going to spend long hours playing the game. Best of all… No more placing electrical lines! I told you I haven’t played in a long time!

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Tech Theater with my 2+ year old Android


Oh my little HTC Aria, you’re so cute and little but pack so much power.

You make people stop in the street and ask me, “Hey, what phone you got?”

HTC Aria your 3.5” screen is beautiful, but you may have led me to get a new prescription on my glasses.

You wanna know the weather? HTC Aria delivers weather conditions in seconds. Sunny & 65 degrees :)

HTC Aria? HTC Aria? Are you ok? I charged you two hours ago… Why are you saying 5% battery. Your red LED is flashing so much. No…. NO HTC ARIA… you were the best friend I ever had… :””(

And that folks is what I predict will happen in about two weeks, thanks to AT&T messing with HTC. You don’t hear of the Nexus One by HTC having this issue.

(Don’t worry I’m ordering a new battery)

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