The Watch Trailer (Video)

You gotta love the internet. It’s the only place you’ll find unrated movie trailers released by the major motion picture studios. The Watch—formerly named Neighborhood Watch—is the a new movie trailer that features a great cast of comedians. Normally I would ignore this movie or wait for it on Redbox. But the trailer sold me because the language is uncensored.

In a way it’s cutting the bullshit by giving the audience what they will see. No more beeps or record scratching every time someone swears. If I had seen Tropic Thunder’s trailer unrated I would’ve been first in line at the theater.

Now who will start getting upset about this trend—say it together—Parents!

Parents will soon complain how kids have easy access to these uncensored videos. I might not make a difference to the simple “Shit” or “Fuck” viewed online, but just wait till the nudity starts coming. It should get interesting after that!

Enjoy the Trailer:

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